New 25L Nomad Cooler The Cool Ice Box
25L Nomad Cool Box
25L Nomad Cool Box
25L Nomad Cool Box

25L Nomad Cool Box

This is a great cool box, holds the cold with no power.

It is ideal for picnics, shopping for frozen items or chilled items or on the banks when fishing..

Comfortably holds a few bottles of champagne.

. F D A food and drug association approved . Specific compound custom mix

. No lead content .

. Highest Ultra Violet protection additives . Keeps dry ice

. Anti-static resin additive to reduce dirt and dust .

. High density quality foam insulation . Solid PE custom handles

. Ice retention maximised

. Braided rope handle with Rubber Hand Grip

. Impact resistant .

. Low warping properties . Front lid with large finger slot opening

. Freezer style rubber lid seal . Stainless steel hinge rod

. Pull down locking tab rubber latch .

. Brass grub screw insert securing latches .




Product Code: 25LEXT-WHITE

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Product Details

External Height (mm): 410

External Width (mm): 300

External Length (mm): 500

Capacity (litres): 25

Internal Height (mm): 320

Internal Width (mm): 220

Internal Length (mm): 410