Non Powered Refrigeration for your Horse lorry and extra seat The Cool Ice Box
If you don’t have a fridge in your horse lorry or you just want more capacity, then look no further than our Nomad Non Powered coolers. Our coolers will keep your food frozen for a minimum of 2 days and chilled for up to 10. Our coolers are also strong enough to sit on so can be used as a seat/bench in your lorry. Some use them as mounting blocks or for standing on to plait! Lockable and easy to use, easy to wash out with a power hose - no power, no nonsense practical coolers. Some of our customers have been so pleased with the performance of our coolers they even have a second one just for holding ice for horses leg cooling after competition! Don’t forget when you need more refrigeration at home - our coolers are portable so you can take your cooler out of your lorry i.e. Christmas, Party time, BBQ.