Hygienic, easy clean, cool perfect for all outdoor pursuits The Cool Ice Box
The Game Cooler has became very popular over the last few years. Perfect for the Game Season as it is stronger, tougher and works ! The range has been expanded due to popular demand from Deer Stalkers, Game Shooters, Trout and Salmon Fishermen. Perfect for your Stalking days, transport provisions and drink. Then bring home your carcass or deliver it to the Game Dealer in perfect condition. Stays Cold for days with NO Power! Choose from a small 22 litre personal box or if you want a box to store and transport Muntjac, Roe, Fallow, Sika or Red deer - we offer coolers up to a whopping 150 litre! Our Medical Grade Gel packs stay frozen for 3 days, these provide cooling without the burn to the meat. Our Boxes are also capable of using Dry Ice at -89 degrees C Choose from Olive Green to match the environment or White for that clean sterile look. They are Roto-molded construction so they will take tons of abuse, They hold no smell or stains, just wash them out when finished. They meet all Health & Hygiene standards. Choose from 15, 22, 25, 45, 55, 60, 70,90, 110, 150, litres sizes. In fact we have a cooler size to suit your every need! Also ideal for large families, scout camps, farmers markets, logisitics and anyone that doesn't want to invest in a refridgerated van.