Nomad CC9 Catering Cooler The Cool Ice Box
Nomad CC9 Catering Container
Nomad CC9 Catering Container

Nomad CC9 Catering Container

Upright Catering Cooler/Warming oven.

Insulated container can keep the temperature of the food hot or cold without electricity when in transit.

The solid, one-piece seamless double-wall polyethylene (PE) construction surface can be easily washed and will not sag, crack, rust, gap or break.

The low voltage, low power system can ensure a stable temperature and maintain the balance of overall humidity of each cabinet.

• The ergonomic handles are equipped on different safety heights which makes the transportation more convenient, even it is being fully loaded with food

•The wide nylon latches and silicon gasket can fasten the door and make a good sealing effect, ensuring the safe steady temperature for the cold and hot food

•High-effect heating facility installed on the door of the container

•Door is easily detachable for cleaning and maintenance

•The huge loading capacities include 12 shallow chutes

•The Vent cap can leak steam and balance the inside pressure

•Please note, if you put metal food pan on the chutes, you must cool down the pans

•Complete with Trolley Dolly Wheels

•297L Capacity Weight: 27.3kg


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Product Details

External Height (mm): 820mm

External Width (mm): 670mm

External Length (mm): 850mm

Capacity (litres): 297

Internal Height (mm): 770mm

Internal Width (mm): 560mm

Internal Length (mm): 690mm