About Nomad

How do they work?

Simple: because of superior insulation, build quality and a fridge/freezer style gasket seal it retains temperature. They can be used to keep your food frozen, cold or even if you wish, hot.

How do you get them cold and how long do they stay cold?

For best results, chill the box over night using either ice or frozen gel packs. Some models keep food frozen for upto 3 days and cold for 10.

How many gel packs do are needed per cooler?

We recommend one of our superior medicated gel packs per 20L capacity, which stay frozen for up to 3 days in our boxes. Some people prefer to use ice. However, if you wish to use your box as a ‘hot’ box, we have gel packs for that too!

What sizes are they?

Our boxes range in size from 8L to huge 1,200L

What are the boxes made from?

The majority of our coolers are made from roto moulded polyethylene plastic, which gives them fantastic durability – the same method from which white water kayaks are made. The insulation is polyurethane. Some of our smaller lighter coolers are made from injected moulded plastic.

How Strong are they?

EXTREMELY! – We also sell clip on cushions so that you can use your cooler as a seat as well as a cool box!

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we offer a one year warranty on all our coolers.

Can they be used commercially?

Yes, many small producers, Farmers markets and medical companies, Vets in the field are using our coolers to transport vaccines and medication for the animals. They find our coolers a good alternative option and less financial cost than using power refrigerated vans and fridges

Corporate Branding available.

Do you export?

Yes, we deliver all over Europe and worldwide. We have a base in the UK  and have recently opened  a European Office based in France. The Cool Ice Box Company Ltd, is a UK and will remain a UK based company.

Do you supply gel packs?

Yes we have a good range of gel packs that we can supply, both for hot and cold needs.

Do you sell accessories for the cool boxes?

Yes, we sell clip on cushions, gel packs, trolleys, thermometers and internal wire trays for some models.

What are the main features of the main range of roto moulded  coolers?

  • Quality
  • Roto moulded for extreme strength
  • Non-Powered – lasts upto 10 days
  • Variety of colours
  • Stainless steel quality fittings
  • Custom Colours
  • Can be used as a seat
  • Well-designed
  • Most are waterproof and will float
  • Easy to use
  • Good strong handles
  • Most are lockable