Nomad Medical Travel Case Medium

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Medium-Size-Personal-Insulin-Carrier - Keeps medication at 2 - 8 degrees for up to 12 hours at an ambient temperature of 35 degrees C. Ideal for day trips or flights abroad with medication.
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Weight (Kg) 505
Height (External) 80
Width (External) 130
Length (External) 210
Height (Internal) 60
Width (Internal) 90
Length (Internal) 180
This smart hard backed medium sized zip up personal insulin pen pack carrier has a durable dark navy cover, net zip up pouch inside to hold cooling gel pack, pocket to keep medication in and third pocket for gel. -Keeps medication at 2 - 8 degrees for up to 12 hours at ambient temperature 35 degrees -Comes with 2 packs of Soft Gel -Approx Weight with gel pack 550g -Great when traveling in hot climates and for going out and about. -Fit snugly into jacket pocket or handbag.. -Due to internal soft pouch this Travel Cooler is also idea for carrying vials of Eye Drops. -Internal Soft Pouch is attached by Velcro and therefore removable if desired. Useable cold space 200 x 120 x 70mm Example of contents (not supplied): Insulin 5x10 ml vials 4 x disposable insulin pens Syringes 6/blood glucose monitor x 1) Ideal for customers wanting to carry personal medication safely and held at correct temperature. Used for diabetes, biologics, eye drops etc.